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I have had a few episodes of depression which at the moment is controlled. However, I had a rough day at work yesterday and feel the beginnings of saddness which can lead to depression if I'm not careful. I can usually handle the odd bad day as we all get them and it's part of being human but I'm wondering if because of all the other things going on, the pandemic, lack of fun time, haven't seen friends lately, if it's pushed me over the edge a bit....I feel so so tired and just want to be by myself....but maybe that's because I've been working more lately and am around people quite intensely with my job...I"m not sure if it's the depression or just normal needing down time. 

I also had my first covid test yesterday on my way out of work, It was quick and not too bad but a few minutes after on my way to my car I was seconds from passing out! I've feel a bit off since...and I didn't make it into work today...I am self employed luckily so I can switch days if I really have to...I feel pretty embarassed about that, thank god I made it to my car so no one saw me!!

One of my major tools to help deal with depression has not  been available to me since March, it's a support group and it's the one thing that I really do miss:(

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Re: anxiety/saddness

by COVID19 Moderator -
Hi Jenny D, thank you for all of your posts today!

I am sorry to hear that you had a rough day yesterday. Getting a COVID test can be tough as is, and not feeling well afterwards can be hard. You are absolutely correct: we are all human and many of us experience the odd ’off’ day. It is great that you took a day off of work, as self-care is really important.

The pandemic has changed a lot of our routines and many of us are not seeing our family/friends as much as we used to, which can have an impact on our mood. While being sad is a normal reaction to such events, constantly feeling this way can be difficult and it can have a negative impact. It’s good to check in with your doctor, mental health professional, and your family/friends to make sure that you are getting the support that you need and deserve, especially since the support groups aren’t currently available to you. You can also check out additional tips here. Hope this helps!
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Re: anxiety/saddness

by seeking happiness -
Hi jenny I just signed up for this peer discussion and am reaching out as part of a health promotion project for school I see that your posting was way back in july so perhaps this will not be sent to you I am trying to see if there is a way to develop connections with people experiencing similar struggles to be a supportive network
If this letter reaches you I can be reached at I am also female and seeking connection to meet my goal to strive for happiness