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Is anyone perfect when it comes to physical distancing?

Re: Is anyone perfect when it comes to physical distancing?

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Hello Guitar Girl, thank you for haring your experiences and concern with us here.
It definitely sounds like you are doing your best to respect the recommended guidelines and you should give yourself credit for that. Undoubtedly, it is hard to follow guidelines like social distancing perfectly, for the simple reason that we can only control our behaviour and not others'.
I also appreciate how you were able to find a middle ground between staying at home and going to overcrowded parks by opting to let the kids play in the street. That resonates with me too as a safe option.

Children are born learners and can be quite innovative. When going to the park or playing in the street with other kids, they can engage is social-distanced games like soccer, rope hopping, charades, scavenger hunt, hide & seek and many others!
You can even make an activity out of this where you brainstorm with the children social distanced games for them to play.
Most of us may not be perfect "social distancers", but I think we can still reduce risk by adopting the suggested recommendations like wearing masks and going to less crowded area -as you are doing already- .
You can check out this website for more ideas on how to help yourself and your children during these times

I would be interest myself in hearing other people's strategies on how they are going about this?