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Harm Reduction Kits? Addiction Support?

Harm Reduction Kits? Addiction Support?

by insom 96 -
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I'm finding it difficult to figure out what kind of services are available and what aren't for people with addiction. I've seen online news reports from Hamilton saying many of their harm reduction services are closed and I'm wondering what's available in Toronto? Is CAMH is still providing harm reduction kits or addiction treatment programs? I can't find stuff on their website about changes in their programs other than the fact that things are moving online more. 

Anyone know where I can find this kind of information without having to call every program/org I come across? 

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Re: Harm Reduction Kits? Addiction Support?

by COVID19 Moderator -
Hello insom 96, thank you for reaching out here. I can see how it can get frustrating having to reach out to every organization separately to inquire about services. Access to addiction services is really vital and disruption to such services can be critical.

I understand why it can be hard to find a COVID19 updated list of which services are open and which are not due to the fact that organizations are continuing to change their procedures according to the continuously evolving situation.
However, you can find here a compiled list of harm reduction services in Toronto and where you can go if you're looking for help.
For access to or questions about CAMH services, the process is straightforward. I encourage you to call 416 535-8501, option 2. You can also find more information at