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Addiction and mental health during this pandemic

Re: Addiction and mental health during this pandemic

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Hi Zeriah,

You’ve mentioned a few things that seem like they would be best discussed with a therapist/counsellor who can support you in unpacking the thoughts and feeling you are having. I agree, it can be difficult to lose connection with someone who was helping you process this, like you mentioned.  

Unfortunately, we cannot provide any counselling on this discussion board. However, I would like to share this webpage with a list of crisis and distress resources around the GTA. If you are from this area, please reach out to the resource closest to you to get some extra, short-term support immediately to help you get through this challenging time. 

If you are feeling comfortable to reach out for extra support, CMHA is also a wonderful resource, and you can check out their website: to find a branch near you. They offer support for both addictions and mental health.

Alternatively, if you are still finding it hard to reach out to someone new, here is a self-help resource that you are able to review on your own and hopefully, some of the information might be helpful to you.