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Hello basketball11 love101, thank you for sharing this with us and for choosing to reach out for support on here. I know it is not always easy.

The work you do on the front line is really indispensable and feeling anxious and stressed about this is only normal really.
Crying can be therapeutic, and if that's what helps you cope then that is completely okay.

I want to invite you to try this 6-session self help program for anxiety.
I would also strongly encourage you to check out the page for strategies and tips that can help you manage your mental wellbeing amidst all of this.

Sometimes having practical information and guidelines on how to manage and mitigate infection risk can be helpful. If you are interested, you can consult the WHO Advice for Healthcare workers here.
Additionally, the government of Canada has issued guidelines for workplaces to follow during the pandemic, including the use of PPE when necessary. You can check out their guidelines here.

I hope this helps! If you notice that your symptoms of anxiety are significantly interfering with your ability to function normally, I encourage you to reach out for formal mental health supports from a recognized agency. The Canadian Psychological Association has provided information where front line workers can access free mental health support here

It would be helpful to know if any other people on here have been in a similar position, and what they did to manage this?