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Higher Risk = Higher Panic

Higher Risk = Higher Panic

by Ethel Luna -
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Found out recently I'm at a higher risk of infection because of my medication. It's only every 6 months and the highest risk times are the days/weeks following a dose. Unfortunately my next dose is this week and my fear has gone through the roof.

Having to commute to a clinic (thankfully not being done at the hospital) and sit through the administration of the medication which takes 5-6 hours and makes me feel exhausted and just crappy only to have to commute home, knowing my immune system was just partially obliterated and then waiting for a few weeks through the usual discomfort it causes hoping I didn't catch anything has had me completely wound up.

Made worse by the fact that I need to go to downtown Toronto, to a hospital, to get a test done, a week after i get this medication given, I'll still be elevated risk and coping with the associated fear of the given circumstance is feeling overwhelming.

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Re: Higher Risk = Higher Panic

by COVID19 Moderator -
Hello Ethel, Thank you choosing to share this with us.
You stress and feeling overwhelmed are completely justified given that you're dealing with health concerns amidst a pandemic that puts you at higher risk. This can really be a lot to deal with.

If you feel your health is being compromised, I strongly encourage you to bring up these concerns with with doctor to make sure you are getting the appropriate support and potentially even discuss alternative options.

And I do want to acknowledge the resilience and strength it takes to still be on top of your appointments and treatment despite everything that is going on. I recognize it is not easy.
I encourage you to think back to strategies that helped you in the past when you were feeling overwhelmed. Those can be a good resources to rely on for coping.

You may also find it helpful to access these resources to help you manage the anxiety and stress:
Another great resource is the Distress Centre to discuss how you are feeling. You can call them at 1-833-456-4566 (available 24/7) or text "Start" to 45645 (available 4pm-12am ET).
It can be helpful to reach out to loved ones for support as well during such challenging times.

I hope you fid this helpful and I hope you stay safe and well