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anxious during covid

Re: anxious during covid

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Hi penny foryourthoughts. Thank you so much for posting your concerns on our Discussion Forum. This most certainly is an anxious time for many people, especially about the concerns you raised in your comment. During this stressful time, you might find it helpful to try to calm some of your thoughts by using cognitive techniques. This can be practicing mindfulness (e.g., Petit Babou or Headspace app), doing physical activity, practicing breathing techniques, or doing some anxiety interventions. Speaking to a therapist or mental health professional may also be helpful, if you find that your anxious thoughts are hard to control and work with.

Thank you for doing everything you can to keep safe. You are keeping yourself and others away from risk, and we would like to thank you for it! We'd love to hear if others are feeling this way too, and have any other suggestions for penny foryourthoughts?

Thanks again for your post.