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Seeing or talking to Doctors regularly?

Seeing or talking to Doctors regularly?

by Shark Attack56 -
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Just a question. Wasn't sure where to turn onto ask..I see a psych doctor at Camh regularly  for counselling and meds. Since Covid has started I have not heard from them at all. I emailed once to reach out, but no response and with them being my only support I am feeling left behind and struggling. I heard a few people from programs I have been in that their doctors/workers have reached out to check on them and I am just wondering is this the norm? Are doctors emailing and calling to checking on patients? Or is this something not to expect? Are you all talking to your doctors or like me and left to fend alone? And if you are fending by yourself, how are you getting by? 

*people say to reach out to your supports, but it's hard when you have 1 friend and 1 doctor for support*

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Re: Seeing or talking to Doctors regularly?

by COVID19 Moderator -
Thanks for sharing your valid concerns with us today. It can be difficult not being able to access your regular health services during this time. Some healthcare providers are following up with their patients through virtual appointments, such as webcam and phone calls. I would suggest calling “Access CAMH” where they can provide you with more information about how you can get in touch with your provider. Simply call (416) 535 8501, option 2.
It is certainly normal to feel alone during these times, especially if you are feeling like there is little support around you. This discussion forum is a great space to offer and receive support, so we encourage you to continue posting and sharing your experiences. It is also important to make sure you are taking care of yourself. I encourage you to visit our website for more information and resources on getting support and managing your health during the pandemic.