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Creative Quaratining

Creative Quaratining

by Harbir Parmar -
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I know a lot of people are trying to find cool and unique ways to occupy there time during the quaratine.  

Our anniversary was coming up and we obviously couldn't do go out and celebrate so we decided to do something creative at home instead.

We took some of lights from the holidays, old sheets, burlap string, some good ol' elbow grease, moved our bed infront of the TV and built ourselves a fort.  

It was so much fun and exciting that it felt as if anything else we had planned wouldn't be able to top this.

With that being said, we decided to keep things interesting by creating new and exciting ideas every Friday to have something to look forward to and at the same time make this period that much more memorable.

If anyone else has any ideas please share because we'd love to hear them.

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Re: Creative Quaratining

by ihave aquestion -
Wow kudos to you and your wife for being super creative for your anniversary! It's really nice that you both have something every week to help the days go by.