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Pregnant and worried

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Thank you for your post. Being pregnant during this time can be very worrisome. Please note that we cannot provide any medical recommendations about your pregnancy, but most definitely can provide some suggestions on managing some of the anxiety you may be feeling. Coming up with a coping plan to strengthen your resilience and reducing the impact of this stressful situation might be very helpful. This can include reaching out to your support systems, making a daily routine for yourself, and practicing relaxation techniques.
It is important to be aware of the thoughts we are having, the “what ifs”, which often can add more fuel to our worries. Think of difficult or challenging situations you have an encountered that you were able to manage. Even if things weren’t perfect, what did you do to cope with the situation?
If you are worried about the health of yourself and/or your baby, consider reaching out to your family physician for advice on sanitation and extra precautions that should be put in place during this time.
Please see the “Coping with Stress and Anxiety” section of our website for more information: